Sal Anthony is a consummate singer, songwriter and pianist…but from his point of view, “It all comes together in a good song!” Whether Sal has composed a song himself or covered a song written by someone else, his performance is always personal and always heartfelt. He sings directly to you—from his heart to yours, pouring his own experiences into his music—his passion, his art, his life.

A graduate of the American Academy of Broadcasting, Sal learned much about the craft of songwriting by writing and producing jingles with memorable and hooky melodies. But his smooth vocals and musical creativity led him into a lifetime of performance as an artist. Over the last 30 years Sal has mastered almost every genre of music—Country, R&B/Soul, Pop, Jazz and Inspirational. With songs like the oh-so-true Life's Too Short and the romantic You're Always Here With Me, Sal’s vocals are relaxed, with a natural sensuality. His song, Wish It Was Me, has gained him both national and international recognition.

As a Marine in Viet Nam Sal developed a lifetime love and appreciation for the military men and women who serve our country. Many of his songs recognize and pay tribute to these heroes. His 2007 Christmas song, From Another Time and Place, written with longtime collaborator, Mary Dawson, generated over 9000 views on YouTube in less than a month and has made Sal known as The Voice of the Veteran. He continues to write, record and perform songs especially for the thousands of service men and women and their families who sacrifice to keep our nation free.

Sal's musical influences are as multi-faceted as the man himself…from Cole Porter to Motown...from Roy Acuff to Stevie Wonder. His voice sounds like “the guy next door,” someone you know…warm and sincere…someone who understands your problems and celebrates your joys—all through music.

As Sal says, “At the end of the day, it all comes down to the song—that's what matters. I'm just along for the ride."

And what a ride it is!

The Green Machine on Ed Sullivan - Copyright Sofa Entertainment. Used by Permission.

The Green Machine

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